Shop Dogs Discover Animal Videos, Get Hooked on Internet Reblog from Parnassus Books Musing

I love the Parnassus Bookstore: there’s Karen, the ShopDogs, the Salon at 615, and of course, all of the books. I also love the Tiny Hamsters because things are even cuter when they’re teeny-eensy. So, I present to you, a reblog from the Parnassus blog Musing.



Hi, it’s me, Bear, and my friend, Belle. Most of the time, we shop dogs are hard at work in the store — counting books, inhaling the scent of our customers’ shoes, and checking under the children’s shelves for stray popcorn. Occasionally, we also like to hop online and click around to see what’s happening in the publishing world, and when we do, well . . . we’ve been known to get sidetracked. Who knew the other creatures of the world were so talented? For example, we’re fascinated by this pair of hamsters on a date.

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