When Networking isn’t Work

So lately I’ve networked my butt off. Marketing mixers and lunches, looking up friends and family on the Web and following the bunny-trail of people they know that I know that we all know, and finding shared and common interests.

What’s so interesting about networking is that it makes our communities smaller. I’m currently working with a consultant whose best friend’s little sister is married to a guy that works with my husband, and these connections happen all the time. Perhaps that has something to do with Nashville, it gets smaller the longer you live here, but also I think the world is just that way.

The fact is that we’re not all that different when you really get down to it, and a lot of our interests go hand-in-hand. I’m not sure if I’ve discussed my interests in meditation and yoga, but I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about running, and all of these activities, while seemingly so different, are actually pretty similar: they seek to capture flow.

Ah, flow. Not your Aunt Flo, mind you, but the good kind of flow, the kind that you get when you’re doing something really well. Like, say when you’re reading or writing and you just lose yourself in the words. Or when you’re playing soccer and you don’t have to think to dribble the ball. Or when you’re doing a math problem (I hear this is true) and the answer just opens itself up in front of you. It’s that elusive connection of self with the universe, being a part of something greater, an effortless lightness.

I like connecting with other seekers of flow. They seem to be happier and more energetic, and more focused. You want to spend time with these people, because they’re always looking to do the next thing. Networking doesn’t feel like work with these people, because when they’re excited about something, you’re excited about it too.

That being the case, I’ve made a new friend, and she’s working hard to not only make her freelance writing business work, but also to write a novel, teach a million needy yoga students a week, and still have time to be super-nice in addition to her day job. Check out her blog, Not Now. I’m Writing. and give her some love!


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