Hello 2015

It’s been a really long time. Like, months, since I’ve worked on anything remotely related to a blog post, so hello all! I’ve missed you.

No excuses, right? Let’s just say that things have been really busy around here. I got a job (I know, a real 9-5, or 10-3, whatever) at the end of March. We planned a wedding and got married in September, and pretty much everything else has just been holding on by our fingernails at the cliff’s edge.

Who wrote A Really Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again? Was it anyone that planned a wedding? Because, seriously, it was super fun, we had a fantastic time, but I’m just glad I’m married to my best friend and I don’t plan on getting married again any time soon.

So, Resolutions for the New Year? I don’t really have them. I guess more than anything, I just want to be an agent of change for myself and those closest to me. That doesn’t mean that I have any desire to run for Mayor (I’ve got one friend who would run against me anyway, and he would certainly win–looking at you B.Val.), but I want to make positive steps in my own life rather than letting life buffet me. I don’t want to play the victim. It’s easy, but it sure ain’t fun, and it doesn’t make anyone happy.

That’s my resolution-ish. Anyone else out there resolve to do anything? Lose that last 5 pounds? Write your novel? Get back on the horse? I want to hear about it!



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