Ya Know What’s a Weird Word? Recipe

So, I love that English is such a mix of many languages, and many of the words dating back for centuries. 

Even though I was an English teacher, I am no good at spelling. I learned phonics, but that only works for the words that work phonically. Also, I want words to work how I pronounce them, which isn’t always correct. 

I remember fighting with my 3rd grade teacher over whether “both” was spelled with an “L” in the middle–b-o-l-t-h–because that’s how I pronounced it. I was a frustrating child. 

Generally I defer to spellcheck now, and I am so happy that everything has a spellcheck feature, including my phone (although autocorrect is hilariously horrible). 

So today, I was trying to spell recipe, and I couldn’t figure it out, of course, and my procrastination bone told me to look it up because it must be old if it has that weird spelling, and I must then I must write about the whole experience! So, here it is, from Merriam-Webster herself:

Full Definition of RECIPE

:  prescription 4a
:  a set of instructions for making something from various ingredients
:  a formula or procedure for doing or attaining something<a recipe for success>

Examples of RECIPE

  1. The recipe calls for fresh thyme.
  2. I didn’t read the recipe carefully.
  3. This is one of my grandmother’s recipes.

Origin of RECIPE

Latin, take, imperative of recipere to take, receive — more at receive

First Known Use: 1584
Ok, so for this weird word, the origin is Latin, but from what I can tell from that last bit, “imperative of recipere to take, receive,” a recipe is actually the piece of paper a prescription is written on, as in someone, long ago, said, “Take this, it will make you feel better.” 
Then, the verb changed over time into a noun, whether by dropping the verb ending or just normal use. 

2 responses to “Ya Know What’s a Weird Word? Recipe

  1. Same thing but backwards like going from a noun to a verb like google. I’ll make sure and warsh your car this weekend!

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