The Mercury is Falling

Happy Tuesday!

Hope you are all doing well. It’s freezing here in Nashville, which is weird because yesterday it was 60 degrees. That’s what life is like in our fair city, however, 60 one day, snowing the next. Weather like this makes it real easy to make excuses not to do anything:

Hey, it’s a beautiful day outside. I’ll do that work tomorrow and enjoy the sunshine now.

Ew, it’s cold and snowy. I should stay in bed where it’s toasty and warm.

It’s cold and sunny. I should sit in the sunny window and read a book instead of working, because I can’t see my screen anyway.

And on and on it goes. No deadlines and no schedule make for lots of wasted time. It’s amazing how many useless articles you can read on the Internet. Also, a Sookie Stackhouse novel can be read in about 6 hours. Netflix doesn’t make my toes any warmer, but it does make me feel a little better about wasting time. Don’t you love that feeling of accomplishment you get when you’ve completed an entire season of The West Wing in one sitting? I mean, those are long episodes.



2 responses to “The Mercury is Falling

  1. Sting is quoted: “There are so many references attached to mercury. I mean, it’s a metal, it’s a liquid, it’s an element, it’s a god, it’s a planet. It’s an idea – ‘mercurial,’ I think, is a valuable description. I use the phrase initially very literally. You know, it’s getting cold, the thermometer’s falling. And then I use it symbolically at the end. I love the phrase. It’s very resonant, full of so many things.”
    Thanks for sharing now get a window shade and some wool socks!

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