New Year, New Goals

Resolutions are an issue that tend to divide people for the new year. Either people make them or they don’t. They are really into doing them or they are staunchly against them. This year, I’ve decided that instead of resolutions, I’m going to work with goals.

Resolutions are so final. The word connotes the end of something, but in the new year we’re trying to build the beginning of something. I don’t want my decisions or my actions in this coming year feel final. I want them to be something that I am continually working towards.

Goals, on the other hand, are achievable, as long as you make them that way. Goals focus on future outcomes rather than changing past behavior. They take today’s current state and try to work from it. If you falter on your course towards a goal, that’s ok, because you can pick yourself back up and keep trudging up the hill.

So, my goals for 2014 aren’t all that special, but I want to put them out there. If you want help to achieve a goal, there’s nothing more motivating the the public humiliation of not achieving it (at least for me).

My first goal has to do with my health. I want to eat more fruits and vegetables and less animal protein during the day. This stems from a concern about animal hormones, the humane treatment of animals, and also my own general health. I am an omnivore, and I don’t want to give up meat completely, so I’m since Jan 1 I haven’t eaten meat before 6 pm. Most days I am vegan before six to give my stomach a dairy-break, but I can’t give up cheese, either. It’s only been 9 days, but I am really enjoying it. It’s not that hard to do, especially since I love beans. No worries about protein or fiber deficiencies.

The second goal is career-related. I tend to start a lot of writing projects and not finish them, for various reasons. I have been published in a couple of forms to date, but I haven’t sent a piece of writing to a magazine or a journal for publication. I know this is an important step, and I feel the need to make this happen. This is more about taking a piece through the revision process than anything else.

Speaking of publications: It’s over two months away, but a review I wrote for 2nd and Church literary journal will be published in March! Be on the lookout, because I’ll put more information here when the time comes.


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