Celebrating Columbus Day

I’m sitting in the Young Adult section of the library on Columbus Day, a dubious holiday in a strange section of the library. It’s not that I’m against celebrating the “discovery” of the “New World”–ok yeah I am–with a day off, sure, but every day is a day off for me now that I’m freelancing, if I want it to be, that is. Also, this section of the library is generally the quietest, but since it’s Fall Break and Columbus Day, the library is doing double duty. Today, both tween-agers and their lanky haired, Anime-searching brethren are floating around, shuffling from foot to foot around me.

So what does this have to do with me? Well, nothing. It’s just an observation. These are the people that are around me on this weird day. There’s a confluence of events that happened to bring all of these people here at once, including myself, and I just needed to make a blog post today. The kids’ parents were off work and the kids were off school for the last four weekdays and now for the last week, and the parents were pulling their hair this morning, so–To the Library!

The Anime-seekers? They got a day off work and braved the late-Autumn sunshine for a few minutes to scuttle from house to car to library to check out some graphic novels. These novels are always placed in the YA section. I’m not quite sure why, because the Anime-Manga line is thin, but so was the line between BabySitters Club and Sweet Valley High. 

So why am I here?

After 7-days a week in the house working at the desk, I needed a day out. It happens. Thankfully, the library has wifi. It has tables, and books, and I feel like I’m being semi-social, but I don’t really have to talk to anyone.

Miles foilAnd, Hello! There are so many interesting people here!

After 7 weeks of editing other people’s writing, I have starved myself of my own writing. I threw myself into a job (so like me, I know), and ignored all those things that kept me sane, including just coming to this screen and writing about nothing (and everything at the same time).

So, thank you, on this day of celebration, for reading this post, even if it was just to keep me sane. I hope you celebrate our new world, and all of the wonderful people in it.

BTW, this is an awesome picture of my nephew Miles, age 3, in Hawaii. Yes, that is an aluminum foil hat. His aunt Tamara made that for him.


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