Making Snowflakes

This year, I finally got into the holiday spirit. I actually went out and bought a Christmas tree, and I even hung some mistletoe.

I don’t normally decorate for any holiday. I forgot to get candy this year for Halloween, so it was a big deal to bring home the tree. Also, I got a REAL tree. My family always dragged the fake tree up from the basement because my dad was “allergic” to the real kind (maybe he was allergic to buying a real one every year). Ours looks cute and smells amazing

I had plans to decorate the tree with inexpensive stuff from Target, but I knew I wouldn’t get over there, and the tree looked so sad with only one ornament and a string of lights from the basement, so I decided to cut out some snowflakes from wrapping paper.

I sat on the floor, folding and snipping, and then unfolding to see the surprise that opened up before me. Some of the snowflakes were crazy and weird, some beautiful and stunning, and a few should have just been thrown in the trash. All of the snowflakes have gone on our tree, however. As I was sitting there cutting and folding and waiting for the surprise, I couldn’t help drawing the connection to my own life.

Max and I have both recently made many plans: applications for school, applications for jobs, beginning new jobs, and starting new phases. It’s difficult to not be anxious about all of these plans, or to try to control the situations surrounding them. Unfortunately, life is much like making these snowflakes. We fold the paper and make decisions. We hope that those decisions are informed, but many of those decisions are near-blind, just like the cuts in the paper. We cannot force the outcomes, we can only hope to make the most amenable plans.

Fold your paper carefully, cut your paper well, and smile at the beautiful snowflakes you have created!xmas



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