I did so many things in November that I really wanted to document: went to Philly with my mom and sister, cooked a huge Thanksgiving meal, oh, and began applications for PhD programs.

Yeah, about that.

So I’ve opened up the computer tons of times in November, and it’s all been to look at school websites over and over and over again. A friend from middle school gave me a pep talk at one point via facebook: “If you can figure out how to apply, they should just let you in.” Agreed, Anne.

Transcripts, Statements, GRE scores (only on Internet Explorer? ugh), recommendations, writing samples, you name it. I am so thankful that I have patient mentors who put up with my requests and have looked at my writing over and over and over again (at least so far). I am also thankful for Max who has dealt with my crazy moods despite dealing with his own transition period.

I never really thought that 30 would bring so many changes. If nothing else, I feel so much calmer (despite the last paragraph). I don’t know if it’s an indication that this was the right move or just a byproduct of so much self-work, but my brain feels different.



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