Road trip!

To celebrate my best friend Adrien’s 30th birthday and to be a little wild at the end of the school year (more musings on that later), three of us decided to go to NYC for Memorial Day weekend. A couple of things:
1. Road trips are fun in college when it’s your car (or your parents’). The rental car experience is all business. Our sales rep was polite and helpful, even though he was late to his own rehearsal dinner!
2. Folks LOVE Gatlinburg, Tennessee. There was more traffic there than any other city (can you feel the air quotes? It’s like when people refer to “Gatlinburg” and “teeth” in the same sentence) we drove through, including Staten Island. Guess I need to check this place out.
3. I have 2 words for you: Fleet Week. Total coincidence but it was serendipitous nonetheless.
4. It is good to have friends in the city! Since it is Memorial Day weekend, our good friends Henning and Dora hooked us up with a sweet apartment for the weekend. It’s a block off Central Park, adorable, and the price is just right ($0!–well at least we hope!).
5. I have now entered the city by car/tunnel, plane, bus (ok tour bus in 10th grade), train, and ferry. Anyone who knows me well knows my deep seated LOVE for trains. The Staten Island Ferry is the most impressive way to enter the city. Do it. It’s also relatively cheap at $7 a day for parking and $0 for the ferry.
More later, my thumbs are tired. Road trips = no computer = second blog ever, typed on iPhone.



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